Japanese Dog Names

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Japanese dog names are a great choice if you’re looking for names that are exotic and foreign (assuming, of course, that you’re not Japanese!)

As you search through our list of Japanese dog names, look for ones that sound good to you or have appropriate meanings and then try calling them out to your pet. This way, you’ll find out very quickly if a name you’ve chosen is the perfect one!

Male Japanese Dog Names:

Aiko – Little love; beloved
Ayame – Iris
Bento – Boxed lunch
Domo - Thank you
Haiku – A form of Japanese poetry
Haruki – Shining brightly
Hiro – Generous
Honcho – Leader
Hoshi – Star
Judo – Weapon-less fighting method
Kabuki – Japanese dance-drama
Kameko – Child of the tortoise; longevity
Keiji – Lead cautiously
Kioko – Happy child
Kobe – A city in Japan
Koto - Japanese harp
Maeko – Honest child
Masi – Short form of Masayori
Masuru – Victory
Matsui – Pine
Michiko - child of beauty; righteous way
Naoki – Honest; straight
Ninja – Mercenary agents
Nintendo – Live luck to heaven
Oki – Middle of the ocean
Ryu – Dragon
Sake – An alcoholic drink made of rice
Samurai - Military nobility
Sumo - Japanese wrestling
Sushi – A bite-sized Japanese delicacy
Suzuki – Bell tree
Taiki - Great; large
Taka – Tall; Honorable
Toshi – Mirror Image
Yamaha – A Japanese company
Yoshi – Respectful
Yukio – Gets what he wants

Female Japanese Dog Names:

Akina - Autumn greens
Akira - Bright
Amaya - Night Rain
Asa - Born at dawn
Cho/Choji - Butterfly
Geisha - A professional singer, dancer,
and companion for men
Ginkgo - A large shade tree
Haiku - A form of Japanese poetry
Haru - Born in the spring
Haruko - Spring child
Kabuki – Japanese dance-drama
Kameko - Child of the tortoise; longevity
Keiko - Blessed child
Kimi - She is without equal
Kioko - Happy child
Kiyoshi - Quiet child
Kohana - Little flower
Koko - A short form of various names
Haru - Spring
Mai - Brightness
Maiya - Rice valley
Midori - Green
Miki - Flower stalk
Nami - Wave
Nari/Nariko - Thunder
Natsu - Born in summer
Nori - Percept
Oki - In the middle of the ocean
Reiko - Courteous child
Saki - Cape
Sakura - Cherry blossoms
Suki - Beloved
Tamika - People
Umeko - Plum blossom child
Yoko - Child
Yuki - Snow

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