Secrets to Dog Training

Start your new puppy off right.  Teach your old dog new tricks.   Put a stop to behavioral problems such as jumping, barking and biting! secrets to dog training

Secrets to Dog Training, the Internet’s #1 best-selling dog training package, is a simple, easy-to-use course that helps dog owners prevent the 25 most common dog behavioral problems.  If your dog isn’t trained to an advanced level, this program can help turn your pooch into a happy, calm and obedient best friend…the kind of dog, you’ve always dreamed of having!

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A Review of Secrets to dog Training

All this for less than the cost of one session with a trainer!


Developed by Daniel Steven, a professional dog trainer, Secrets to Dog Training uses real-life examples to demonstrate effective dog-training techniques.  The program features an instantly downloadable 260-page book with numerous step-by-step instructions and photographs.  There is also an audio version of the book and a downloadable 30 minute video that shows you how to put the training into action.

What will you learn?

As a new dog owner, these are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • House training your dog
  • Dog-proofing your house
  • Grooming tips
  • How to be the pack leader
  • Simple and advanced commands

And as an experienced dog owner, you’ll learn how to deal with:

  • Aggression (towards dogs and humans)
  • Jumping
  • Excessive Barking
  • Nipping and biting
  • Separation anxiety
  • Cat/dog coexistence
  • Off-leash problems

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus! house_training

These bonus materials are great, quick and easy references for :

  • All The House Training Methods and Tricks – learn how to house train your dog using the direct method for outdoor dogs or the paper method for indoor dogs.
  • A Quick Guide to Dog Aggression – discover how to resolve dog food aggression, identify the signs of early aggression and stop your dog intimidating children and strangers.
  • Dog Grooming Made Easy – find out how to bathe and groom your dog, how to care for its teeth and clip its nails, which essential grooming equipment you’ll need.
  • Tips on Security Training Your Dog – advice on breed and puppy selection as well as and a comparison of professional training vs home training.
  • Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dogthis guide will help you understand how your dog’s mind works and how you can become – and stay – the pack leader.
  • Full and unlimited access to Members Only Dog Community - join a community of dog trainers, veterinarians and fellow canine enthusiasts who can will answer your questions and help you along the way.