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Welcome to the Dog Names Place photo wall. Here, you’ll find a collection of photos and stories about the names people chose for their dogs – and why! Want to share your dog’s photo and story too? Please e-mail us at (make sure your photo is high-resolution). Enjoy!

Dog names stories MaxPet Name: Max
Owner: Pauline
My dog’s name is Max and is short for Maxamillion, although his formal kennel name is ‘Delphmounts Max Our Million’. There’s no real story behind our choosing this name, other than we thought he looked like a ‘million dollars’ – so we named him Maxamillion. Read More


Pet Name: Rosie
Owner: Amanda
About 7 years ago I started my hunt for the perfect companion. I searched online, I went to shelters, I looked everywhere. Finally, in June of 2004 I found her. Her name was Rosie and she was a 3 month old Boston Terrier, the last one left in her litter. She was Perfect! Read More

Pet Name: Ollie
Owner: Sarah
Ollie is a Boggle (Boston Terrier Beagle). He is two years old. I named him Ollie after the famous Disney Animator Ollie Johnston who animated famous classics such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Lady and the Tramp.
Read More

Pet Name: Bentley
Owner: Brian
For years, my wife had been wanting us to get a dog. I have always been a dog lover, but in my 20′s had become quite allergic to some breeds. I was scared that we would get one, and have to give him up because of my allergies. One day, my wife emailed me a couple of pictures of a beautiful Labrador retriever named Bentley. Read More